Make today the first day!

What have you always wanted to do or become? What dream have you held onto that, for whatever reason, you have not yet started toward?

Have you always wanted to fly an airplane, go on a cruise, become a teacher, learn to draw, take a photography class, go back to college? What has stopped you?

This weekend do the research. Whether you really plan to do this or even if you don’t have the ability, for some reason, right now; at least start by doing the research. Find out how much it will cost, where you might be able to do this, what else might it entail. Do you need to do some other steps to move toward this goal? What are they? Will they cost? What else could you be doing?

Maybe you have always wanted to take a cruise but the cost has stopped you from doing it. Can you start putting away $5 a week or $10 or $20? How many weeks would it take to save toward it?

Maybe your dream is to fly an airplane. Are there places to take classes close by? How much will it cost?

Or maybe you are like me and have a dream of becoming something that requires a college education. Research possible school options. Is online school right for you or do you want to sit in a classroom? Do you need financial aid? Do you qualify for grants? Do you need other education first or can you start with something that leads to your dream career?  Are there magazines that publish articles related to your field of interest. (For example, I subscribed to Psychology Today, my favorite magazine for a long time now.)

This weekend come up with information related to your dream and make a plan of baby steps that you could do that might lead you in that direction. If you can’t do anything toward it yet, don’t worry, still make the plan. Put the information and plan in a safe place to look at once a month until you CAN make even a step toward your dream.

It’s NEVER too late to go for it and make your dream come true. It’s never too late to try. Make baby steps toward your dream and you WILL get there, but if you never try then never is exactly when it will happen.

first day


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